XP Boost

Not everyone has time to sit at the computer for hours and grind for what they want in the game. Many of us have busy work schedules and hectic family lives. Despite our love for gaming, we don't always get the time to play or do the things we want to do during the few moments we get to ourselves and unwind. So, as Tony Stark's father said:

"No amount of money can ever buy back a second of time".

However, you can save time by getting a little boost in XP here. Time is a commodity much more valuable than money. DO NOTE: XP is wiped monthly when Facepunch, the RUST developers, force wipes every RUST server. This forced wipe is on the first Thursday of every month.

Below is the amount of XP you need to reach these particular levels so you know how much you need:

LEVEL 10 = 20,408xp
LEVEL 20 = 81,632xp
LEVEL 30 = 183,673xp
LEVEL 40 = 326,530xp
LEVEL 50 = 510,204xp
LEVEL 60 = 734,693xp
LEVEL 70 = 999,999xp
LEVEL 80 = 1,306,122xp
LEVEL 90 = 1,653,061xp
LEVEL 100 = 2,040,816xp

20,000 XP
10.00 USD
80,000 XP
20.00 USD
200,000 XP
40.00 USD
500,000 XP
80.00 USD
1,300,000 XP
160.00 USD