Here you can buy the different packages we offer our players. Purchasing these packages brings a lot of quality-of-life features to your gameplay. But provides a means for us to improve our service to you. With further contributions, we can increase the number and quality of our servers. We can also buy many more mods, features and custom content for the Salty Zombies gaming community.

We have multiple servers for you to join, and signing up for any one of their packages will give you VIP status and perks across all our servers. So if you sign up as an LVL 3 donor on our PVE server but want to give our 10x Server a try. You won't need to pay again for a 2nd LVL 3 package. You will be automatically given the LVL 3 perks upon entering the Server. Below is a list of Servers we have:


Our PVE Server is one of the world's most popular RUST PVE Servers. RUST actually makes a good PVE game with just a few mods for entertainment. If you are new to RUST and looking to learn the game before jumping into the PVP side of things, then this is the one for you.


Pretty much exactly as the title says, this Server is designed for you to test out builds. It has a high gathering rate, with a unique shop selling everything you need on the creative menu. In addition, it has special building tools and kits you can buy with lots of building materials. It is also the mini training server so that you can spawn in a mini of a scrap heli and practice flying. Just don't crash land into someone else base.


Have any questions? Please join our Discord.