Salty Coins

We understand not everyone has the time to grind the resources or spend hours looting, crafting, mining, building etc. It’s not that you couldn’t do it. You’re just busy with other things. So, alternatively, you can buy Salty Coins right here.

This is a great way to give yourself a chance to catch up and or save time on your gaming goals. Buying Salty Coins is another excellent way to help support the Salty Zombies gaming community, and we are grateful for every purchase.

Your Salty Coins are never deleted, so you can save them and use them on the next wipes.

5,000 Salty Coins
10.00 USD
10,000 Salty Coins
15.00 USD
20,000 Salty Coins
25.00 USD
50,000 Salty Coins
50.00 USD
120,000 Salty Coins
100.00 USD
280,000 Salty Coins
200.00 USD